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A technician provides home maintenance services through a special application, and contains many comprehensive options. In short, it is your alternative to the long search for an electrician, painter, plumber, and other services. What distinguishes this app from others is the ease of using the application and their immediate services.

Card information:

It can be sent via: Email or text message

Usable in: Application

Usage sites:

An artistic application

How to use:

1) Log in or create an account in the Fanny app

2) Select the required service, then click on Add Promo

3) Add the code in the Promo Code field, then click Apply

Terms of use:

- Card type: one time use discount code

- This card can be used to purchase: all products and includes delivery

- This card is available for the selected country store and cannot be used in other stores. 

- This card is non-refundable after purchase or expiration. 

- Resal does not bear any responsibility when the voucher is lost, stolen or used without permission. 

- The code is activated directly upon purchase.

- Resal guarantees a card validity of one month minimum from the purchase date 

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