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It often goes without saying, The Body Shop, is one of the best beauty brands and often used for skin care, fragrances and more.

Gifting Occasions:

When invited to someone, parties or events, The Body Shop is the best solution for you since it includes all kinds of help including skin care, fragrances, body care, hair care and more.

Card Information:

It can be sent via: Email or text message

Usable in: branches

Usage sites:

The Body Chop showrooms of Kamal Osman Jamjoom Company in the following regional areas:

Tabuk - Medina - Mecca - Al Baha - Aseer - Najran - Jazan.

How to use:

1) Show the code for cashier when purchasing

Terms of use:

Code type: Discount with specified value

Places of use: Western region branches only

- More than one code cannot be used in a single purchase

- The order cannot be returned if the purchase was made using the code

- The code cannot be re-used if copies have been made by the cashier or the order is canceled

The code includes: all products

A letter guaranteeing the validity of this card for at least one month from the date of purchase.

- This card is available for use in the store for the selected country only and cannot be used in other stores.

- This card is not refundable after purchase or after its expiry.

Rasal assumes no responsibility when the voucher is lost, stolen or used without permission

- The code is activated directly upon purchase.

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