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With digital cards, we created solutions that save you time and effort, express your feelings and give your loved ones the opportunity to choose their favorite gift in more than 300 international and local brands

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Resal Rewards

A system that facilitates sending gifts and rewards as prepaid digital cards in an innovative way to companies to gift employees or customers as part of digital incentives and rewards programs

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Resal Loyalty

A system that provides you with the best effective loyalty programs in proportion to your brand in various sectors and fields, and helps you build a strong database to keep your customers

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Resal Manage Card

A solution that enables you to create and issue digital prepaid cards for your brand officially and smoothly to be used in marketing and loyalty programs

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Resal Channels

A solution that gives you the opportunity to access the largest group of digital cards through API, and also allows our partners to display their products and cards through the network of multiple Resal channels.

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A partner provider of various gifts for local and international brands

Resal in different countries such as United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman. We are now working on development, expansion and leadership in the Middle East and North Africa region

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